Themeforest WordPress Theme Submission Requirements

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PrefixSpecify a unique prefix for everything that defines design in the public namespace, including options, functions, global variables, constants, post-meta nickname names, wp_enqueue_script/style, add_image_size names, wp_script_add_data keys, slug/IDs for new categories created with register_block_pattern_category. etc. Exceptions: An author writes about his lessons when submitting a topic to ThemeForest, which involves many soft rejections, even in the final phase where they are very close to approval after several rounds of comments. Keep in mind that whenever you publish a new version of your theme, you need to check if the latest version of TGMPA is included. Flexible rejects include reviewer comments and allow you to resubmit your topic. Severe rejections, on the other hand, completely prohibit your theme from being listed on ThemeForest! Using third-party librariesWordPress includes a number of libraries such as jQuery. For security and stability reasons, themes may not include these libraries in their own code. Instead, themes should use versions of these libraries packaged with WordPress. For a list of all JavaScript libraries included with WordPress, see Standard scripts included and saved by WordPress.

Over the past three months, I`ve been asked repeatedly what are the most common ThemeForest rejections I`ve discovered while reviewing WordPress themes on ThemeForest – so of course, I`ve written about it! There are many steps in WordPress theme development, one of which is to ensure that every common use case is covered from a functional perspective. This is where the unit test of the theme comes into play. Now that you`ve read and made sure your theme meets all the requirements, feel free to upload your theme. For example, you can remove unwanted components (such as button graphics) from a website theme. You can`t take a photo from a flyer template and use it alone. You can`t drag a song from an After Effects template and use it alone. You cannot extract and use a plugin/extension contained in a particular theme element and use it alone or with another website/theme. In addition, our Theme Check plugin is more powerful than before.

You can try this plugin and review and submit your theme. I think your theme will go live in the organization if you fix all the issues displayed by the theme verification plugin. Make sure * License is GPL * Theme must be safe * Brand, etc. You can have no more than one (1) ticket open in any of the TracTrac Trac is where contributors create issues for bugs or feature requests, similar to Reports/queues or under review. This means that you cannot simultaneously open one (1) topic ticket from an account and another from a sub account in one of the queues. Failure to comply with the above requirement will result in the closure of all tickets and the ability to download these themes again. In addition, there is no download option for one (1) month for each closed ticket. Depending on the severity of the case, you may also end up with a permanent ban on all your accounts. To avoid penalties, the team asks you to disclose all your accounts by emailing us at themes[at]

However, sometimes reviewing themes contradicts what many theme developers logically think is the right approach for their products, and they are often frustrated by the length and number of rejections they receive. I have tried both and can confirm that both can be a nightmare if you are not patient. On ThemeForest, one of the main reasons is design quality, typographic hierarchy, readability, negative space, composition, etc. On, they are stricter in terms of licensing and security (sometimes too much). Funny story, they asked to precede standard Nav Walker methods that should have default method names, and asked to specify a license for a Nav Walker class that is part of the WordPress core. Submit only one new topic at a time. You can submit unlimited updates to your existing themes, which can be found in the theme directory. Now that we`ve covered the context of examining the topic and the different reasons for rejection, let`s dive into how the process works. Please note that these thoughts are entirely based on my personal experience reviewing WordPress themes and are not officially endorsed by Envato. Following these guidelines doesn`t guarantee approval – although you`ll likely get there much faster! The best way to avoid rejecting themes on ThemeForest and is to follow their guidelines – Duh! Here are our latest tips to help you through the grueling theme review process without rejection – or with as few rejections as possible 😉 All third-party styles and scripts used in your WordPress theme should NOT be preceded. By not prefixing third-party resources, you ensure that these files are not loaded multiple times.

Edit: In addition to this article, I have published an article on the three different principles for designing highly functional WordPress themes. Enjoy! Changelog files are an important way to make your theme development completely transparent. List all your changes and bug fixes in this document. Organize it with versions and dates, as follows: There are a few other files and folders that we include in the themename_pack folder, but now let`s look at the folders listed above. While you`re immersed in the theme review process, you may get discouraged or end up having some free time. You can use this process to your advantage. In this article, I`ve included a mix of recommendations and requirements for submitting the final WordPress theme files to ThemeForest. Your theme can always be rejected in one form or another, but by including all the necessary files in the right way, you`ll make the review process a little smoother. The best place to start is to check the requirements on each of the sites, which should contain the latest updates on what you need to do. If you`re searching online, check the dates of the articles you`re willing to see if the information is still relevant. If your child`s design develops the main theme, the feature.php file should contain at least the following: To get the answers to these questions, we need to understand why topics are being examined in the first place. Considering that the theme review team needs a 7-day response time before closing a ticket, that means a lot of back and forth on a single topic, reopening tickets, etc.

ThemeForest is more than a place to find great themes, it`s a community! You can hear the authors, ask questions on the forums, and comment on the articles. Contact other users and view their portfolios. Envato Market Blog is a valuable resource for industry news, tips and tricks, and website updates. Before embarking on a lengthy process that can take months or even more than a year because you can be rejected multiple times, review the various reasons for rejection and do your best to warn them before submitting your submission by giving you the knowledge. Here`s an infographic we`ve put together so you can see what to expect when you submit your theme on each platform. However, it is important to remember that if the author of this other item in larger stock is exclusive, he must meet his own exclusivity requirements when providing the larger item. Here`s what expect for all topics submitted to the repository: Hi everyone, I`m KafleG from the topic. We recently updated our system requirements page and there are so many things we`ve removed or changed in the recommendations. When creating WordPress themes, there is a rule that is at the top of the list of rules. This is something all developers should do out of habit, not after the fact. Prefix everything. On the issue of specifications for a theme prefix, Stephen Cronin mentioned the following in this forum post: Special App: Blog themes do not require an extended license for websites with paywall, payment, or paid subscription requirements.

Based on the first two data sources, we can extrapolate that the average theme developer has between a 13.5% and 20% chance of getting their theme approved on the first submission without any changes or modifications needed. There`s a pretty simple reason why ThemeForest and check both themes, and that`s to ensure quality. Quality applies to many different levels: coding structure, security, user experience, bugs, compatibility issues, design, etc. Using get_template_directory() ensures that plugins can be installed even if a child theme is enabled. For example, a website theme can only be customized to create a custom website. If you want to create a second website from the same theme, you need to purchase a different license. Include required files: style.css, readme.txt, theme.jsonJSON JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation is a minimal, readable format for structuring data.