Apakah Octafx Legal Di Indonesia

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The Investment Alert task force also reported that it closed 7 illegal investment offers by the end of April. Here`s the list: Tongam has also asked all influencers to stop advertising for illegal brokers. “We call on all influencers to stop promoting illegal brokering activities from abroad,” he said. So far, Bappebti has not issued an OctaFX license as a legal broker in Indonesia. The illegal status of OctaFX will not change unless Bappebti declares otherwise. Bappebti blocks 82 illegal investment sites, including Binomo and Octa Fx The Investment Alert task force has also issued a subpoena to the influencers of Octafx illegal brokerage products, namely Sdr. Ida Bagus Aswin P aka Gus Aswin as the founder of Tubi Indonesia. Regarding trading illegal forex investment sites that are blocked as follows: In the video, forex trading ambassador Daryl Yahya revealed that OctaFX is indeed not registered with Bappebti. “They`re not regulated by those in the country, that doesn`t mean it`s ugly. These are regulations in their country,” he said. However, Indonesian traders should not forget that the legality of brokers at the national level depends a lot on Bappebti.

“Methods used by irresponsible individuals can mislead the public, as PBK investments represent high risk and high return. Investors can make huge profits with PBK. But keep in mind that the potential losses are just as important. The appeal of this huge win is used by these people to invite potential customers to join PBK without sufficient preparation and knowledge of the legality of the business players,” Syist explained. The Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) has negotiated a number of illegal brokers that are not registered with Bappebti. These brokers include Binomo, Olymptrade, Quotex and OctaFX. The chairman of the Tongam Investment Alert task force, L. Tobing, said that the online trading activities carried out by binary options are illegal because they are playful in nature and no goods are traded. The OctaFX broker is considered illegal by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) because it does not have a license in Indonesia. But many influencers and YouTubers promote this online broker. Bappebti also said octaFX was blocked because it was operating illegally.

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Investment Alert Task Force has declared the octafx online trading platform illegal in Indonesia for failing to obtain a trading license from the Ministry of Commerce`s Commodity Futures Monitoring Agency (Bappebti). The treatment of illegal investments is carried out jointly by all members of the Investment Alert Working Group of 12 ministries/institutions. The Investment Alerts Working Group is not a law enforcement officer and therefore cannot conduct legal proceedings. 76. Duplication of PT Octa Investama Berjangka octafx-investama.com/ “First of all, get to know the transaction mechanism and make sure of its legality. Don`t be so easily seduced by investment offers that offer the appeal of certain profits beyond the adequacy limits reached in a short time,” Syist concluded. As previously reported, the Investment Alert Working Group asked the public to be aware of the offering of binary options and illegal brokers not registered with Bappebti conducted by affiliates or influencers that may harm the community. Last February, the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) stated that not only Binomo, but also binary options products and illegal brokers such as OctaFX, Olymptrade and Quotex are illegal products, given that they are not registered with Bappebti. So far, however, OctaFX approval has not been granted by Bappebti.

As a result, OctaFX is included in the category of illegal brokers, according to the Investment Alert (SWI) Working Group. The details of the deposit methods supported by OctaFX are: The asset selection in crypto instruments is diversified and above the industry average. Apart from that, however, OctaFX is still below the average range of most brokers. To enter this contest, traders must open an MT4 account and designate it as their contest account. The trader must then make the highest possible profit and trading volume with the best profit-loss ratio. The closer a trader is to the top position in these three categories, the higher their chances of winning. Look at the closing price of XAU/USD on July 1, 2022. XAU/USD rose from 1,796 to 1,821 and then fell to 1,810 prices. Offering a more comprehensive range of assets octaFX MT5 account allows a maximum trading size of 500 lots. In response to some information circulating in the community, the Investment Alert Working Group has never prohibited the withdrawal of funds from victims of fraudulent investments.

Meanwhile, the acting head of the Bureau of Legislation and Enforcement, Mr. Syist, said Bappebti found the sale of trading robot software, which was accompanied by a statement that the use of a trading robot, investor ability, technical analysis, fundamentals and lack of learning techniques were not necessary. It invites the public to download and join OctaFX. In addition, he asked his audience to study the materials and information related to Forex. OctaFx also said that more than 10 million Forex trading accounts are currently open. In addition, another 150 countries will be served. The instruments offered on the OctaFX MT5 account include: Quoted on its Twitter account, @OctaFX revealed that it is an international broker offering a trading platform worldwide. OctaFX, based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), has branches in the UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cyprus, Malaysia and Thailand. OctaFX runs several promotional programs for customers – some of which don`t even require you to spend money to benefit from such bonus programs. OctaFX offers 24/7 customer service via live chat as well as 24/5 phone (local numbers in the UK, Hong Kong and Indonesia), email, Telegram and WhatsApp.