Another Word for Mockery Definition

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I discovered a bit of ridicule, the mockery of unbelievers, but I didn`t care. For all your taunts and mockery, which you have always known, I loved you as much as a man loves a decent woman. The noun mockery means mockery or deception of someone. Making fun of your history teacher is not wise just before she grades your intermediate exams. He straightened up, turned his mustache and met their eyes – they were quite sad and tired – with the wicked mockery of his own. English version of the thesaurus of ridicule and ridicule In its trial, the Department of Justice argues that Facebook`s hiring practices made a mockery of these demands. Rodimer intervened hours before the filing deadline and drew ridicule from other Republicans. Football coaches at all levels have mocked the wearing of masks, with the NFL imposing heavy fines on coaches who bare their noses and mouths, and some college conferences threatening to dock schools for up to $1 million. Rejoice in the hilarity as Borat mocks a pair of Rubes with a Don`t Tread on Me flag who were kind enough to welcome him in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak! Martyrdom is defined in this context as “mockery, slander, exclusion.” Ridicule comes from a place that is not burdened by history and intact by the present.

It makes these rules ridiculous to say that misallocation of funds to decorate your office, for example, is punishable, but trying to reverse an election and incite rioters is not. Our mockery of the celebrity world helps us escape the destructive soul decadence hidden within us. He could not go any further, for it seemed ridiculous to him, to suggest as consolation that fourteen years would come to an end. To mock means to make fun of someone or something or to make fun of them. The act of mockery often involves copying a person`s behavior or language and making it absurd, like a parody. For example, comedians are often ridiculed, pretending to be famous politicians and exaggerating the way they speak or gesticulate. The phrase “mocking” means to make something seem stupid or absurd, even if it is not the intention – as a process that “makes a mockery of justice.” But this delightful book has much more in mind than ridicule. A mockery of a government – a shame for the office that claimed to be held – a parody of the position taken.

He did not like his cynical way of seeing things, nor did he understand his mockery of current morality. present a serious topic in a stupid way to make people laugh. Make jokes about someone or something in a hostile way to criticize someone or something publicly by making jokes about them. the practice of making yourself look stupid to show others that you have a humorous attitude towards yourself to make fun of someone, especially online, and often in a subtle and non-obvious way, a nasty laugh or comment that shows that you have no respect for someone to shout or laugh at someone in a mean way, what shows that you have no respect for him, the activity of saying or writing the opposite of what you want to say, or speaking in a way that serves to make someone else feel stupid or to show him that you are angry South Africaninformual to talk to someone rudely or in a mocking way, which constitutes a system, an organization, etc. something someone says or does when they tease you to make someone look stupid or something by making fun of them, copying them or saying something that is not friendly, making someone appear or something stupid or useless. Getting someone to walk around for people to look at and often make fun of them Mean laughs or comments addressed to someone, especially in a public place, to say things to make someone feel embarrassed, usually in a friendly way. A deliberate attempt to make someone feel embarrassed, or to make people laugh in public to copy someone or something in a way that makes people laugh.