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Your child`s profile will now appear on devices such as Fire tablets, Fire TV, Kindle e-readers, and Android tablets. When you select this profile on one of these devices, Amazon enables parental controls for a safe browsing experience, which limits the video content they can access. Info: As already mentioned, you only get the respective shipping benefits. To be able to use Amazon Prime Video at the same time, you must sign in with the main account. This is only possible if you share the account and therefore also the password. However, if this is too heavy for you, use the free trial month first. With this, anyone can try Amazon Prime Video for free for 30 days. You can share the shipping benefits of your membership with up to 4 people. These benefit from faster and sometimes free delivery.

Since November 2017, this partial function is only possible for one person. All existing Prime customers can continue to pass on benefits to up to 4 people. Sharing the account is definitely not illegal. If then it violates Amazon`s terms and conditions at most, which in the worst case can lead to account blocking. Amazon Prime Video lets you stream movies, series, channels, and more. But is it possible to share Prime Video with multiple users? When, yes, how does it actually work? Enter the name and email address of the person you want to share your benefits with, but most don`t know if it`s allowed. Sharing an account with friends is very popular on Spotify, Netflix or Amazon Prime. But is it also legal? If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can share your Prime shipping benefits with someone in the same household, such as your mom, girlfriend, or boyfriend. All content submitted through Prime Video Direct is made available/licensed at Prime Video`s sole discretion. Prime Video is constantly updating our content offering and selection for customers. The Content is not licensed indefinitely and may be removed at any time at Prime Video`s sole discretion.

For each type of offer you submit, Prime Video reserves the right to decide which ones to approve for the license. Amazon Prime Video gets a little tighter: two users can stream to different devices at the same time. Amazon Prime costs 69 euros per year, so it makes 2.88 euros per person per month. The benefits of shipping can be shared with four other “family members”. You can share Amazon Prime Video when you give your password to someone else. As a Prime member, you have the option to share the various benefits of a subscription, such as fast and free shipping with up to four people, but this does not apply to Prime Video. However, there is also a possibility for this. my little cousin activated the amazon prime trial month on his mother`s account to get the twitch prime skins for fortnite after that he canceled the subscription directly (well before the end of the trial month) now he received emails from amazon saying he has to pay again Most streaming portals allow multiple people with different devices to access their content at the same time.

The best known example is Netflix. Usually, this feature is only for families and people who live together in the same household. However, many streaming customers like to use this feature to share not only the account, but also the costs with friends and family members who live in different households. Unfortunately, there`s one annoying downside to sharing your Amazon Prime membership: you can only share the shipping benefits with a household member this way. Click Share Prime Benefits at the bottom of the page. A new field should now appear: Prime Video does not accept user-generated content or other types of videos that are not normally considered feature films or TV shows. Additional content categories that are no longer accepted through Prime Video Direct may include (but are not limited to): product reviews, product unboxing, compilation videos, news segments, vlogs, health videos, toy game, selfie/YouTube videos (Tik Tok/reaction videos), home videos, slideshows, lectures, video games, tutorials, listicles (i.e. the top 10 videos), and ambient content.

As I am not ready to pay €69 per year for Amazon prime (order little or none at all) is my question now it is legal to share my account with a friend to access Amazon Video together (by this I do not mean the account sharing system that someone will enter because I know that then only premium shipping can be shared but not Amazon Video) Like all the World should know, the gray area was for and other portals to watch movies and series away and is now illegal. All content submitted for publication or published on Prime Video (including video assets, cover images, and metadata) must comply with the following content policy guidelines, which may change over time. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the removal of your content. Within the same household, you can still share Amazon Prime Video with a little trick: the mail order company allows simultaneous streaming on three different devices. Does this have legal consequences or is it without hesitation? because I may often be on the road watching a movie with different IP addresses on the go. So, is it understandable in any way? Important: Only share your Amazon Prime Video password with people you really trust. After all, your Amazon account contains important personal data that not everyone should have access to. Once you and your teen are done setting up, the teen should be able to use Amazon Prime using their own account to watch free Prime content and make purchases through your account. my question now would be what to do just ignore emails or something else? Important: Amazon Prime student and work accounts cannot be shared. You can also connect your computer or laptop directly to your TV using an HDMI cable if the necessary ports and cables are provided. If you make the appropriate settings on your operating system, you can use your TV as a second monitor and watch Amazon Prime Video content on the big screen.

However, there are still no known cases in which a provider has filed a lawsuit against account sharing. Nevertheless, the lawyer warns against abuse. In case of persecution, the primary account holder who entered into the contract with the provider is always responsible and not the users of the family account. Apple says, “In principle, you can include anyone in your family who has an Apple ID, as long as you both have iOS 8 or later or later. Use OS X Yosemite or later on your devices. And the terms of use state: “You can only belong to one family at a time and join a family no more than twice a year. You can`t change the Apple ID you associate with a family more than once every 90 days. All family members must have the same country of origin. Here, the term “family” is apparently equated with the term “circle of friends.” Spliiit is the right co-subscription solution for your wallet! It`s similar with Netflix. The cheapest family variant costs 12 euros. Four people can watch movies and series at the same time. Makes three euros per person per month.

Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with * It is better to go through the online website than the request to share this account. 2. On the “Your Account” page, click “Amazon Household”. You can find it in the “Purchase Programs and Rentals” section. 2. On the “Your Account” page, click “Amazon Household.” Thus, your partner could connect on his tablet PC with your Amazon access data, while a third of the household (your child?) looks at his smartphone with the same access data. You can share your Amazon Prime Video account with other family members using an Amazon Prime feature called Amazon Household.

You can connect up to two adults, four teens, and four pre-teens to a single Amazon Prime account. This allows everyone in the house to share the benefits of a Prime account, including Prime Video. Such a family subscription costs just under $15 per month on Spotify – for up to six people. Makes 2.50 euros per month. These can be invited by the account holder via an email link. I mean I also give him my login data and he can also watch something on Amazon Video (is my best friend and trustworthy) 5. You`ll need to agree to share your Amazon wallet, which includes your credit cards. Once logged in, click “Account and lists > your Amazon Prime account” (see image below) In order to link another adult to your Prime account, you must both agree to link your credit card information between accounts, which discourages people who don`t share households and aren`t closely related from sharing a single Prime account.

If you share your Amazon Prime account with someone else, the subscription actually only costs $4.50 per month or $44.95 per year.