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ALFA International is a leader among its peer networks in the production of national seminars, regional programs and other customer-focused events. All these meetings allow ALFA`s lawyers and clients to establish strong professional and social relationships. ALFA`s lawyers spend valuable time with their clients, getting to know people and their businesses. ALFA`s lawyers also maintain strong relationships with other lawyers in the network around the world. These relationships lead to a unique commitment to providing the best legal services. Hiring external consultants in unfamiliar jurisdictions can be a time-consuming and risky process. But Young Moore`s membership in ALFA International gives our clients instant access to an extensive network of law firms spanning 95 of the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas and 65 countries around the world. ALFA International memberships are exclusive. Only one law firm represents the network in each metropolitan area, state or country. Young Moore is alfa`s only MEMBER company in North Carolina.

In addition, member firms in the United States are not allowed to join another national legal network. These requirements help to promote cooperation and mutual support among our members. ALFA International is a world-class global legal network consisting of 140 outstanding member firms, 80 in the United States and 60 international law firms in Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Canada, Mexico and South America. JOINING ALFA International is a highly sought-after service for a law firm, and ALFA conducts rigorous reviews to ensure that each member firm provides excellent legal services. ALFA International`s law firms are among the best in their class, receiving local, state and national recognition and awards. Great care is taken in the selection process, relying heavily on the contribution of customers, other ALFA companies and professional associations. By choosing one of the network`s law firms, clients retain the services of many other excellent law firms in the U.S. and around the world. ALFA International`s law firms regularly support their members, exchange non-privileged legal research, advise on litigation and settlement strategies, advise judges and experts, and help other member firms better serve ALFA`s clients. Each year, our many seminars and other meetings facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources among our member societies.

If you have legal needs outside of North Carolina and need help finding legal counsel, please contact your attorney at Young Moore and he or she will help you discuss and learn more about an ALFA International member firm. The organization, originally called the American Law Firm Association,[5] was founded in 1980. [5] [6] It is the oldest network of law firms based in the United States[1] When it was established, it consisted of 12 U.S. law firms. Law firms that have performed insurance defense work for insurance companies with offices nationwide. [7] In the 1980s, ALFA expanded to more than 60 law firms in the United States. Members included companies dealing with other types of litigation, not only insurance defense, but also transactional litigation. In the 1990s, ALFA`s membership grew to 80 law firms in the United States and 25 law firms in Europe, Latin America and the Pacific. In the 2000s, ALFA expanded its international membership to 60 member companies. In 2019, ALFA International`s network includes approximately 150 law firms and approximately 10,000 lawyers[4] in 300 offices around the world. [8] Membership in ALFA International is exclusive to a law firm in any metropolitan area, state or country.

[5] [9] [10] Member firms are full-service business law firms[9], and on average, each law firm consists of approximately 75 lawyers. [1] Companies must go through a rigorous application process before being accepted into the organization. [5] [11] [12] Member companies are then regularly audited[10],[11] and underperforming companies can be excluded from membership. [13] Member firms are not legally bound. [14] ALFA International The Global Legal Network Inc., commonly known as ALFA International, is a global legal network of 150 independent law firms, including 80 U.S. law firms. Law firms and 70 member firms abroad. [1] [4] As with other types of professional services networks, the organization serves as a network for business referrals and the pooling of resources among member firms.

Nilan Johnson Lewis is a member of ALFA International, the Global Legal Network. With 150 member firms worldwide (80 in the United States, 70 internationally), ALFA International is the leading network of independent law firms. The success of ALFA International is driven by the broad, deep and local relationships of its members in the United States and around the world. ALFA International`s mission is to provide high quality and cost-effective legal services worldwide. ALFA International`s model allows members to leverage their local expertise to provide highly effective legal solutions, often drawing on the collective wisdom and experience of other member firms. ALFA International`s clients benefit from an extensive geographical network of exceptional law firms and experienced litigation and business advice. Member firms meet high standards to be part of the ALFA International network and are highly respected by their colleagues in the legal and business world. Clients also benefit from a wide range of unparalleled educational programs, including seminars, webinars, and legal compendiums.

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