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Be sure to check out Dave’s virtual performances on Facebook Live and YouTube! You can subscribe to Dave’s YouTube channel by going to

Be sure to subscribe to Dave’s YouTube channel for notifications on upcoming online Live Shows – it’s easy and it’s free!

Catch Dave on Facebook Live at this link –

Facebook/YouTube Live At Five! Live Streaming Performances On Facebook and YouTube! FB: YouTube:


2 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. Hi Dave,

    Back in 2008 I met you in Florida with my mother during the Master Class with Scott Houston. You signed my Roland Keyboard “I am the Walrus.” You also sang my favorite Beatle song “A Day in the Life” using lyrics from Gilligan’s Island. I recently emailed Scott and he enjoyed the memories. I also remember you doing “Yesterday” on one of Scott’s Piano Guy DVDs. Hope all is well for you in the season we live in today. Keep on exercising the wonderful gift of music you have for others.

    Dan Donnell

    1. Hi Dan! It’s great to hear from you! Hope all is well with you also in these crazy times. I just saw your comment (oops! sorry for the delay in responding-catching up on things). Wow, that seems like a long time ago. Those were great memories indeed! Thank you for the kind words and hope to see you soon somewhere. Keep on playing!

      Best Wishes,
      Dave P.

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